Missionaries We Support

Of the 33 families and individuals the church supports, 23 call Bethany their church home or attended Bethany for an extended period of time (noted by *).

Eastern Europe Ministry Focus

Dave & Connie Patty* — Josiah Venture, Czech President of J.V.

Daniel & Kim Johnson* — Josiah Venture, Czech Republic youth evangelism, training and church planting.

Josh & Kristi Patty* — Josiah Venture, Slovenia, youth evangelism and training.

Larry & Colleen Gingery* — Ukraine, teaching English at Ternopil Missionary Institute.

Translation Ministry

Brad & Toni Guderian* — Wycliffe, Bible translation for the Koluwawa people in Papua New Guinea.

Bethany Boy's HomeAsia Ministry Focus

Keith & Molly Dunn — Central Asia

Neil & Wannee Thompson* — OMF, Medical Missions Initiative.

Brian &Becky Lee — OMF College Mobilization Director and Young Adult Prayer Mobilizer.

Saji & Cynthia John — John Foundation, India.

       Mark & Kerry Kelland — Remember Nhu, Cambodia.


Latin America & Spain Ministry Focus

Mark & Martha Hendrickson — EFCA ReachGlobal, Costa Rica – Latin America Training Network LATN/ProMETA, for Masters level distance education of Christian leaders throughout Latin America.

Jon & Meta Nelson — EFCA ReachGlobal, Spain – Instructor and course developer for LATN/ProMETA as well as the Theological School with the Spanish Free Churches.

Africa Ministry Focus

Jim & Ramona Adams* — WorldVenture, Senegal. Jim teaching at Dakar Academy, Ramona administrating the WV Africa team.

       Jette Guiderian* — Resourcing Christian Educators Intl. She is teaching at Dakar Academy, Dakar, Senegal

Warren and Lindsey Cooper*— Christian Health Services, Democratic Republic of Congo. Surgeon and Pediatric doctor at Nyankunde Hospital.

Mark & Stacy Luckey — Every Child Ministries, AFAYO Project, Uganda – Community development through schooling and Farming God’s Way.

Larry Buck* — The Jesus Film Project.

Cadence International – Ministry to military personnel

David & Joyce Schroeder* — President of Cadence International.

Danny & Kathryn Perez – Pope Air Base, North Carolina.

Kevin & Sharon Scheible* – Naval Station. Rota, Spain – Student Ministries

Dick & Margaret Patty*  Missionary Emeritus.

Ron & Liz Dice* — Missionary Emeritus.

Sharane Brockmeyer* — Missionary Emeritus.